Parents’ Foundation is more than just a place to live, we are a community dedicated to supporting our residents’ physical and mental health as they learn how to understand and live with their diagnoses. Whether they plan on staying for two years or twenty-five, our primary goal is to support positive growth and development in our residents’ lives. First and foremost, each of our residents is assigned to one of our case managers who will help them with their appointments, monitor their goals and progress, and support them throughout their time here. When residents move-in, one of their first tasks is to sit with their case manager and develop a goal plan. Goal plans can contain any task, big or small, that the resident wants to focus on in their time here and their plan will evolve and change as they progress through each one. Whether it’s learning to cook, cutting down on coffee, or pushing themselves to attend more groups and develop their social skills, our case managers, program directors, and residential staff take this plan and work together with residents to help them stay on track.

In addition, case managers keep detailed progress notes for each of their residents, and our staff complete thorough documentation at the end of every shift so that we can comprehensively track residents’ growth and development. Residents also have the support of our Recovery and Enrichment Program (REP) woven into everything they do. REP is designed to help stimulate residents’ education and creativity, promote skill-building and independence, and create a safe space for residents to bond with staff and with each other. Our REP team works hard to develop and offer extensive group programming daily as well as planned trips and holiday celebrations. Some examples of REP groups are cooking, money management, music in the courtyard, French language, grocery planning, cognitive behavioral therapy, and painting.

A typical day at parents’ foundation:

8 — 10 A.M. Wakeup, personal care, breakfast
10 A.M. – 12 P.M. Wellness and fitness activities including walks, sports, and exercise classes
12 P.M. Lunch and meditation
1 – 4:30 P.M. Skill building and specialty groups including cognitive behavioral techniques, grocery planning, spirituality & mindfulness, cooking, and money management
6 P.M. Dinner
7 – 10 P.M. Leisure activities such as card games, movie nights, and art groups

*Holidays and other special occasions are celebrated throughout the year and those days do not follow the routine schedule.

**medications are monitored throughout the day, in accordance with physician orders.