Kayla Wyant, Program Director – Supervised Apartment Program

I attended the University of New Haven and graduated with a degree in psychology, minoring in sociology and criminal Justice. I am currently attending Sacred Heart University and will have my master’s in social work December 2020. During school I interned at Project Moore and then at Wheeler Clinic in their Crisis Stabilization Program. I have been working at the Parents’ Foundation since November 2016; I began as a Residential Assistant, moved into Case Management, and have held my current position as Program Director for over a year.

Favorite Activities with Residents:

Some of my favorite activities with the residents are walks! Getting out of the building and enjoying New Haven, as well as having conversation and learning more about their life experience. I also really enjoy when I can cook with the residents and they each bring their hidden talents to the kitchen.

Proud Moments at Work:

Some of my proudest moments at work are when we can identify a resident in need and come up with creative, fun ways to address their need and make them feel better. I have seen residents over the years feeling down on themselves for various reasons and we always make this such a priority and come up with ways to address their wants and needs. Seeing the resident feel better or hearing them tell us we made an impact on them is a great feeling.