Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living, Inc. aims to help residents who have a mental health condition live in the community at the most independent living level possible, with the supports in place for success. To help residents succeed in community living, Parents Foundation has two major programs that offer residents varying levels of structure and support. The programs are:

  1. The Residential Living Center and
  2. The Supervised Apartment Program

Residents who are new to Parents’ Foundation join us in our group home – the Residential Living Center. As residents stabilize and build skills, they transition to our Supervised Apartment Program. Many continue to progress and move out and live in their own apartment in the community. At that point, the Independent Living program, affectionately called Off-Broadway, is available to provide ongoing case management, medication monitoring and socialization, and even a meal for those who don’t want to cook every night.

Some residents live in the group home or supervised apartments as part of a short-term transition plan while others stay with us for long-term or even a permanent basis. Whatever the need, we are able to develop a plan to ensure residents are met where they are and grow to succeed with developing greater levels of independence.

Parents’ Foundation promotes resident recovery through integration in the community and our Broadway location offers residents easy access to New Haven’s best:

  • psychiatric providers & mental health centers
  • medical treatment
  • psychosocial rehabilitation programs
  • vocational programs
  • colleges and universities
  • arts and music programs
  • museums and theaters
  • sports and sporting events
  • restaurants, coffee houses, shopping
  • local and regional transportation

All residents participate in our Recovery and Enrichment Program (REP). This program is intertwined with case management so that resident goals are built into programming, positioning residents for greater success.  REP gives residents daily opportunities to rediscover their passions, develop new hobbies, improve mental and physical fitness, and build independent living skills.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page to request additional details about our programs.